Girls Iceless Hockey

The Girls Iceless Hockey Association is an iceless hockey league for girls in 1st grade through high school. The season begins in September and ends in December. Games are played on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday, depending on grade level.

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News & Announcements

Picture Day: Pictures for the 2019 season will be held on Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th. Please see the picture schedule below for specific times for your team. Picture forms will also be available on picture day.

Saturday, October 19, 2019 Martin Elementary School (Enter through cafeteria)

Time Camera 1 Camera 2
Grade Team Grade Team
9:00 AM 1st & 2nd Redwings 1st & 2nd Jets
9:10 AM 1st & 2nd Maple Leafs 1st & 2nd Islanders
9:20 AM 3rd & 4th Jets 1st & 2nd Wolves
9:30 AM 3rd & 4th Wolves 3rd & 4th Islanders
9:40 AM 3rd & 4th Flames 3rd & 4th Icedogs
9:50 AM 5th & 6th Islanders 3rd & 4th Kings
10:00 AM 5th & 6th Blackhawks 5th & 6th Redwings
10:10 AM 5th & 6th Wolves 5th & 6th Maple Leafs
10:20 AM 5th & 6th Icedogs 5th & 6th Kings
10:30 AM        

Sunday, October 20, 2019 Palombi Middle School (Upstairs cafeteria)

Time Camera 1 Camera 2
Grade Team Grade Team
9:00 AM High School Wild High School Islanders
9:10 AM High School Blackhawks High School Redwings
9:20 AM High School Kings High School Wolves
9:30 AM High School Stars High School Jets
9:40 AM 7th & 8th Redwings 7th & 8th Blackhawks
9:50 AM 7th & 8th Maple Leafs 1st & 2nd Blackhawks
10:00 AM 7th & 8th Wolves 7th & 8th Kings
10:10 AM 7th & 8th Wild 7th & 8th Jets
10:20 AM 7th & 8th Icedogs 5th & 6th Jets
10:30 AM 7th & 8th Islanders    

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